Aaron's Jump into NDIS

Hey, I’m Aaron. Just got into this NDIS stuff and it’s a bit confusing. I like collecting rare comics and playing didgeridoo, not your usual hobbies, I guess. Trying to figure out how all this NDIS works for someone who’s not much into usual things. Here to pick up some tips and maybe share some of my comic stuff. Hope to have a bit of fun along the way

NDIS can be tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. Rare comics sound cool. You know, NDIS might help with hobbies that are part of your goals. Just ask around here if you’re unsure about something.

Your hobbies sound fun! NDIS can be a lot at first, but just take it bit by bit. This forum’s got loads of helpful folks. Feel free to ask anything.

Hey Aaron :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum! NDIS has room for all sorts of interests, including yours. Reach out if you’re stuck with anything or need help figuring out how your hobbies fit in with NDIS. We’re here to help.

You all seem very nice. I think I’ve made the right decision coming here.