About the Make a Service Request category

Effortlessly connect with NDIS services using our smart match algorithm, designed for both participants and providers alike

For Participants: Unleash the Power of Connection

Welcome to Our Service Request Tool: Simplifying your journey to find the right service provider. Forget the hassle of emails or endless calls. With just one click, our tool matches you with 10 ideal providers from our extensive directory. Here’s the magic it brings to your search:

  • Pinpoint Precision: Tell us what you need, where, and when through our easy-to-navigate filter menus. It’s streamlined to get to the heart of your needs swiftly.

  • Intelligent Matching: Leveraging the depth of our directory, we connect you with providers that fit your criteria like a glove. High-ranked providers are prioritized, ensuring quality matches, but every provider gets a fair shot.

  • Effortless Updates: Once matched, providers are instantly notified to reach out to you. Sit back and let the solutions come to you.

  • Privacy Guaranteed: Your request stays between you, matched providers, and us—no one else. This ensures a focused, relevant exchange far from the public eye.


For Providers: Streamline Your Growth

Efficient Networking: Our Service Request Tool is a game-changer, eliminating the need to canvas the field. One request opens the door to up to 10 potential collaborative matches, saving you time and directly connecting you with relevant partners. Support coordinators, get ready to celebrate efficiency.

  • Grow Your Team: On the hunt for skilled support workers or specialists? Connect with potential team members who understand the NDIS framework, making your recruitment process as smooth as silk.

  • Forge New Alliances: Dive into a pool of opportunities for joint ventures or bigger projects with providers who complement your services, enabling you to aim higher and achieve more together.


A Special Note for Matched Providers:

Being matched means gaining exclusive access to discuss your services directly with participants or other providers, a privilege not permitted anywhere else on the forum. This is your spotlight moment to shine—showcase your offerings, articulate your expertise, and cater directly to the needs at hand. It’s more than a feature; it’s your chance to stand out and forge meaningful connections that count.