Balancing Occupational Therapy Recommendations with NDIS Plan Limits

I’ve recently faced a challenge where my occupational therapist’s recommendations might exceed my current NDIS plan’s financial limits. I’m looking for advice on how to navigate this and advocate for the necessary changes. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Michael7!

Faced something similar myself. Here’s a tip: Get a detailed, compelling report from your OT. It should scream ‘essential’ for your daily life and independence. Armed with that, go for a plan review. It’s all about showing the NDIS how these supports are not just nice to have, but need to have.

Hey Michael7, I’ve been there. What worked for me? Prioritizing. Sit down, look at what your OT suggested, and figure out what you need most urgently. Those aligning with your NDIS goals are your starting point. I worked with my support coordinator to get the ball rolling within my current plan, and then we planned for the rest in the next review. Keep your NDIS team in the loop, and make sure your case is strong and clear.