Can NDIS Cover Quirky Fitness Hobbies?

I’m into medieval reenactments – you know, swordplay, archery, and all that. It keeps me fit. Think NDIS would cover something like this? Has anyone got experience with NDIS supporting random fitness hobbies?

Yo Aaron. That’s an interesting angle! NDIS might consider covering unusual fitness activities if they contribute to your health and social goals. If these activities help you stay fit and connect with others, it could be worth discussing with your planner. They look at how it fits with your plan’s objectives.

That sounds like such a fun way to keep active! NDIS can be pretty flexible if you can show how your activities help with specific goals in your plan. Definitely bring this up with your NDIS planner, highlighting the fitness and social aspects.

Aaron! Mate, I reckon that’s a cool approach to fitness. If these reenactments help you physically and socially, then it’s a valid point for your NDIS plan. Explain how it’s not just a hobby but part of your wellbeing. They might be open to it.

Hey Aaron :slight_smile:

Unique fitness activities like yours can potentially be included, especially if they align with your plan goals. Discuss the benefits of these activities with your planner. It’s about how they support your overall wellbeing and fit into your plan. Good luck, and keep enjoying what you do!