Experiences with NDIS Mental Health Supports

Hey all. I’m curious about accessing mental health supports through the NDIS. What’s been your experience? Any particular services you found beneficial?"

I’ve been using counselling services through my NDIS plan. It was pretty seamless to set up and the impact on my mental health has been significant.

I’ve explored both group and individual therapy under NDIS. Group therapy was great for community support, while one-on-one sessions offered tailored strategies for my needs.

Interesting to hear about the group therapy. Was there a specific process to get these services included in your plan?

For me, it involved a chat with my NDIS planner. We added mental health support under ‘Improved Daily Living.’ Once it’s in your plan, you can pick your service providers.

Good to know about the plan inclusion

I found stress management workshops funded by NDIS to be quite helpful. Took some research to find what suited me, but it’s been effective for managing my anxiety.

Thanks for the variety of experiences shared here. It’s reassuring to know about the different options. I’ll dive into those resources. Appreciate all the help.