Exploring Opportunities for Further Education with NDIS Support

I’ve been thinking about expanding my skills and potentially pursuing further education or training. I’m curious if anyone has experience using NDIS support to access educational opportunities, like vocational courses or even university studies. How does the NDIS view educational goals, and what kind of support can one expect? Any insights or personal experiences would be really helpful.

Hi Michael7, interesting question. I used my NDIS funding for a vocational training course last year. The NDIS can fund supports that are directly related to your disability and help you achieve your education goals. For me, this included funding for a support worker to assist me in class and with transport. It’s key to demonstrate how the course aligns with your NDIS goals.

Hey Michael, explored a similar path. While the NDIS doesn’t cover tuition fees, they do support other aspects that help you participate in your course. This could be specialized equipment, transport, or therapies that support your learning. Make sure these needs are clearly outlined in your plan. Speak to your planner or coordinator about your educational aspirations, and they can guide you on how to include these in your plan.