Finding the Right Social Activities

Hi everyone, I’m looking for advice on social activities suitable for my brother under the NDIS. He’s a bit shy and hasn’t really found a group or activity where he feels comfortable yet. I want to help him find something that aligns with his interests and helps him socialize more. Does anyone have suggestions for types of activities that have worked well for their loved ones? Any tips on how to encourage him to participate would be greatly appreciated!

Have you looked into local community clubs or groups that align with his hobbies? Sometimes smaller, interest-based groups can be less intimidating for someone who’s shy. Also, it might help to start with activities that don’t require much direct interaction at first, like art classes or book clubs.

Hello DigitalDreamer_55.

I understand the challenge. One thing that worked for us was joining structured activities with a clear focus, like cooking classes or gardening groups. These activities provide a natural way for participants to interact without the pressure of making conversation. Plus, they’re enjoyable and skill-building!

Hey DD55 :slight_smile:

You might also want to consider social skills groups specifically designed for NDIS participants. These groups often provide a safe and understanding environment for developing social skills. Additionally, talk to your brother’s NDIS planner about including social participation goals in his plan, which can open up more tailored options.

Thanks, Michael, Kyle and Jake for your suggestions. The structured activities which take the pressure off of socialising and just gets him out to begin with is a good idea… then hopefully the conversation will be focussed on the task which would be a good stepping stone.

I’ve realised its kind of like working with a work colleague and then at the Christmas party, some people can find that they’re awkward around their colleagues because they suddenly don’t have work to talk about anymore.

Have you guys experienced that.

Yeah, I’ve experienced this haha.

Reminds me of when I was 18 and thinking of a first date idea. I found that simply having dinner was boring and awkward as the focus was solely on conversation. However, if I was to take my date out bowling or to some other kind of activity, I found the focus wasn’t solely on conversation anymore and paradoxically, the conversation seemed to flow easier due to that pressure being removed.

Also, if you’re having fun with the activity and your endorphins are flowing, it makes you less self conscious and more in the moment. This also aids with conversation too.

You also need to take into account that the other person you’re talking to, may be shy or nervous too. So, it can make their lives easier and help them come out of their shell as well.

So, as Kyle stated, its definitely a good idea to create this dynamic to assist in building social confidence and self-esteem.

Very true… I guess activities help smooth over the rough edges in many social situations.

Thankyou for everyone’s input.

I’ll check back and let you know how we went.