Got My NDIS Funding – What's Next?

Hello fantastic people! SunnySideUp here with some egg-citing news – I’ve received my NDIS funding! :tada: It’s been a journey from application to planning and finally getting here.

A huge thanks to everyone who helped me navigate the initial stages. Your advice was invaluable.

Now, I’m at the next big step: utilizing this funding effectively. I’ve got a plan, but I’m a bit unsure about the best way to put it into action. How did you all go about finding the right service providers? Any tips on managing the funds efficiently? Also, how do you ensure that the services you’re choosing are the best fit for your needs? I want to make sure I’m making informed decisions and getting the most out of the support available. Any insights or experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Congrats, SunnySide! When it comes to finding service providers, start by listing what services are essential for you. I did some research online and spoke to others in similar situations. Don’t hesitate to meet with a few providers before deciding – it’s important to feel comfortable with them. As for managing funds, I opted for a plan manager, which helped me a lot in tracking expenses and understanding NDIS policies.

Thanks, Adam! That’s a good approach. Did you find any particular resources helpful for researching providers?

Definitely, there are online directories of NDIS-registered providers where you can read reviews and experiences from other participants. The NDIS website itself has a lot of useful information.

Apparently PNP Forums is in the process of building a directory of their own, so that will be exciting to have a directory run by people we already know and trust :wink: :heart_eyes:

Congrats Sunny!!!

Its been a while since we’re seen you post. I had a feeling that I had responded to one of your last topics… upon checking, I was right haha.

Welcome back.

It’s crucial to set clear goals for what you want to achieve with your funding. I regularly review my plan to make sure it aligns with my changing needs. Be open to adjusting your services if they aren’t meeting your expectations. Communication with your providers is key.

Yes, Jake and Farhan are building a directory which will somehow be connected to this forum. Keen to see it all when its done.

Michael!! Thankyou haha.

Yes, you wee one of the OG’s that helped me initially. Good to see you’re still here.

Great point about adjusting services. How often do you review your plan? And any tips on communicating effectively with providers?

I do a check-in every few months. If something isn’t working, I don’t wait for the official review. As for communication, be honest and clear about your needs and expectations. If you’re not satisfied, speak up. Remember, they’re there to support you.


Congrats SunnySide. Its definitely been a long journey for you to get to this point as it is for many others too. As others have mentioned though, its worth it to change your life fo the better.

Remember, the NDIS is designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs. Utilize your plan to its fullest potential, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your NDIS planner or coordinator for any adjustments or queries. We’re here to support you!

Yes Farhan and I are working away in the background building a directory which will be different from other directory’s and will hopefully be much more effective for participants to use. We’ll have a feature where participants can request services right here in the forum and our algorithm will provide you with a few great providers. The algorithm will favour providers that match your search (obviously) but who also contribute to the forum regularly (so providing value here on the forum). This way you’ll have a greater chance of being connected with kind of provider who is willing to go the extra mile and provide value up front. Thats the kind of provider you want to be connected with. Its a great filter.

Anyway. Im way too passionate about this and could talk all day about it haha. I’m super excited about what is to come for our community!

Good to see you again Sunny. Don’t be such a stranger. We love your infectious enthusiasm here :joy: