Handling Scheduling Conflicts Between Multiple Therapists

Looking for some advice. I’m coordinating appointments for my family member, who sees multiple therapists under their NDIS plan – like an OT, a speech therapist, and a physio. We’re running into scheduling conflicts, and it’s becoming a juggling act trying to fit everything in without overwhelming them. Has anyone dealt with this kind of situation? How do you manage to keep the schedule manageable and avoid burnout for your loved one?

Hi GulfGavotte_1969. I’ve been there with my nephew. The key for us was creating a weekly planner. We plotted out all his therapy sessions, and then we looked for any spots where we could give him a break. Also, we spoke to his therapists to see if some sessions could be combined or alternated every other week. Communication with your therapists is crucial.

Hey GulfGavotte_1969, that sounds challenging. What helped us was prioritizing therapies based on immediate needs. For a while, we focused more on speech therapy as it was critical, and then balanced it with the other sessions. Sometimes less is more, especially if the participant feels overwhelmed. And don’t forget to carve out time for them to just relax and enjoy activities they love.

Just chiming in here, Gulf. Great advice from the community. Just wanted to add, consider reaching out to your support coordinator for help if you haven’t already. They can assist in optimizing the schedule and liaising with service providers. It’s all about creating a balanced routine.

Thanks so much for the advice, everyone, and thanks JakeWest for the tip. These suggestions are really helpful. I’ll work on a more balanced weekly planner and discuss priorities with the therapists. Also, the idea of alternating sessions sounds like a good strategy to avoid overwhelm. Really appreciate the support from this community!