How to manage unexpected changes in Support Workers

Hi everyone. We’ve recently had a few sudden changes in my brother’s support workers, and it’s been quite disruptive for him. He struggles with change and each new worker means a period of adjustment (the whole thing is stressing me out a little). I’m looking for tips on how to ease these transitions for him.

Has anyone dealt with similar situations? How do you help your loved ones adapt to new faces and routines without too much stress? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi, I’ve been there!

One thing that helped was creating a ‘welcome pack’ for new support workers. It included key information about my sister’s likes, dislikes, routines, and how she communicates. It made transitions smoother as new workers could quickly get up to speed. Also, if possible, try to have an overlap period where the new worker shadows the current one.

DigitalDreamer_55, this can be tough. What worked for us was maintaining a consistent routine, regardless of the support worker change. We also found that having a familiar item or activity during the transition helped my son feel more at ease. And whenever a new worker started, we’d have a short ‘getting to know you’ session, so it wasn’t all about the care tasks right away.

Hi DigitalDreamer_55, another approach is to speak with your service provider about the importance of consistency for your brother. Ask if there’s a way to have a smaller, more consistent team of workers. In the meantime, maybe develop a simple handover note highlighting what works best for your brother, and what doesn’t, so new workers have a clear understanding from the get-go.

Thanks so much for these thoughtful suggestions. The ‘welcome pack’ idea is brilliant, and I love the thought of having a familiar item or activity for comfort. I’ll also talk to our service provider about possibly having a smaller, more consistent team. These tips give me a good starting point to make these transitions easier for my brother. Really appreciate your help!