Managing Fatigue in Support Roles

Hey team, I’ve been feeling quite worn out lately from juggling work and my support role for my brother. I’m wondering if anyone has tips on managing fatigue and stress as an NDIS support person. It’s important to me to be there for my brother, but some days it feels overwhelming. How do you all manage to keep yourselves energised and balanced?

It’s so important to address this. I experienced similar feelings. One thing that helped me was setting aside specific times for self-care. Whether it’s a short walk, a hobby, or just quiet time, make sure you have a break. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help, maybe from other family members.

DigitalDreamer, I totally get you. Balancing support roles can drain your batteries. Have you considered joining a support group? It was a lifesaver for me, just being able to talk to others in similar situations. Also, look into mindfulness exercises or meditation – they’ve helped me keep stress at bay. Remember, taking care of yourself is not selfish, it’s necessary.

The advice you’ve received is spot on Digital.

Another tip is to explore respite care options under your brother’s NDIS plan. It can give you a much-needed break and ensure he’s still receiving support. Also, consider speaking with an NDIS support coordinator about managing your role more sustainably.

Hope you can eventually figure out a routine that works for you.

Thanks a bunch for all the helpful advice. It’s comforting to hear from others who get it. I’m going to explore respite care options and definitely think about joining a support group.

This conversation actually makes me think we could benefit from having a dedicated thread in here for carer/support person fatigue – a place where we can share tips, offer support, and just vent if needed. Really appreciate all the support from this community!