Navigating NDIS Plan Reviews - Seeking Advice

Hi all, it’s Emily here. I’m approaching my first NDIS plan review and feeling a bit unsure about the process. I want to make sure I’m well-prepared to discuss any adjustments or updates needed for my plan. Can anyone share their experiences or tips on how to effectively approach a plan review? What kind of preparation is needed, and how can I make the most out of this review meeting? Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Hey Emily, I went through my first plan review last year. It’s important to assess how your current plan has been working for you. Think about what’s been effective and what hasn’t. Before the meeting, make a list of points you want to address – this might include changes in your condition, different supports you want to try, or services you no longer need. Be clear about your goals for the coming year. The more specific you are, the better your planner can tailor the plan to your needs. Good luck!

Hi Emily,

This is a great question! In addition to what’s already been mentioned, I recommend gathering any relevant reports or assessments that support your points. This could include progress reports from service providers or new medical information. It’s also helpful to review your current plan’s budget utilization to see if any adjustments are needed. Remember, the review is a collaborative process, so feel free to express your needs and concerns openly. If you need further assistance, our forum has resources and guides that might help.

All the best with your review!