NDIS and travelling

Hey folks,
Quick query about NDIS and short-term accommodation. I’m kinda introverted and have been feeling really isolated lately. Got this wild idea – does the NDIS ever fund trips abroad? Thinking it might be a cool way to challenge my social fears head-on.

Unfortunately, overseas trips aren’t something the NDIS typically funds. They might cover the costs for support workers, but flights and hotel expenses are usually up to you.

Having assisted NDIS participants with various STAs, including trips abroad, I understand your position. It’s worth considering that navigating a new culture and language, especially with social anxiety, can be quite challenging. Perhaps a shorter, local trip could be a more suitable starting point

Really appreciate the clarity on the overseas trip matter. I’m wondering if the NDIS might support something like a local retreat or camp designed to help with social anxiety and skill-building. Has anyone had experience with something like that

I know of a few retreats that focus on mental health and well-being, which are NDIS-friendly. They can be a great way to meet new people in a supportive environment.

Do you know how these retreats work with the NDIS funding? Are there specific categories these fall under?

Usually, these retreats can be covered under ‘Capacity Building’ in your NDIS plan, particularly under ‘Improved Daily Living Skills’ or ‘Social and Community Participation.’ It’s best to discuss this with your NDIS planner for specific details.

I’ll definitely explore this with my planner.