NDIS Support for Advanced Communication Tech?

Hi everyone, I’ve got a question. I’ve recently come across advanced communication technologies like speech-generating devices and software that help people with speech impairments. I was wondering, does the NDIS provide support for such advanced tech? It’s not for me but for a friend who’s also on NDIS and has a speech impairment. We’re exploring options to enhance her communication and would love to know if anyone has experience with this.

The NDIS does provide funding for assistive technology, which includes communication devices. However, the key is to demonstrate how this technology is necessary for the participant’s goals and daily living. I suggest your friend discusses this with her NDIS planner and gets an assessment from a speech therapist. The therapist can provide a report that justifies the need for such technology in her plan.

Hey Emily :slight_smile:

Adding to what’s already been mentioned, it’s also important to consider the level of technology required. The NDIS categorizes assistive technology into different levels based on complexity and cost. For advanced communication devices, they usually fall into the higher categories, which might require additional reports or assessments. Your friend should work closely with her support team to gather the necessary documentation. It’s definitely possible to get such supports funded if they’re essential for her communication needs.

Sidenote: Michael, you seem to know more than you let on haha. Good stuff for assisting our community here :slight_smile: