New in Town - SunnySideUp_007 Reporting for Duty!

Hello everyone! The name’s SunnySideUp_007 – a bit on the nose, I know, but I love a good breakfast joke.

I stumbled upon this forum while searching for communities that share insights and experiences about the NDIS. I’m here to learn, share, and maybe crack a joke or two.

My journey with the NDIS is just beginning, and I’m keen on making the most out of it. Looking forward to some enlightening conversations and a bit of fun along the way!


Welcome to the forum, SunnySideUp_007! Love the username. You’ll find plenty of helpful people here. Looking forward to your jokes and insights!

Hi SunnySideUp_007 :slight_smile:

I’m Jake, one of the admins here. Your enthusiasm seems infectious, which is exactly the kind of thing that any online discussion forum needs. An injection of fun to smooth out the seriousness. We’re excited to have you with us.

If you need any assistance or guidance, feel free to reach out. Enjoy your time here!

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Hi this is Sophia. Welcome to the forum