Prepping for My First NDIS Planning Meeting – Tips Needed!

Hey everyone, it’s SunnySideUp here again! After tackling the application process (thanks to all your amazing advice!), I’m now gearing up for my first NDIS planning meeting. I hear this is where the real magic happens in terms of setting up the plan that will guide my supports. I’m a bit nervous and want to make sure I go in fully prepared. Can anyone share tips on how to prepare for this meeting? What kind of questions should I expect, and how can I best communicate my needs and goals? Any advice to make this as productive as possible would be golden. Thanks in advance, you wonderful people!

Hey SunnySide, I went through this last year. First, list down your daily challenges and how they impact you. Be specific. For example, if you have mobility issues, explain how this affects your routine. Also, think about your long-term goals. Do you want to focus on employment, independence, or perhaps social participation? Having clear goals helps the planner understand what supports you need.

That’s really helpful, Michael. About the goals, how detailed should I be? Should I outline steps on how I think they can be achieved, or is it more about the end goals?

Focus on the end goals but also give some thought to the steps. For example, if your goal is employment, consider what barriers you face and what kind of supports or training might help you overcome these. The planner can then help you figure out the specific steps.

SunnySideUp_007, another thing to consider is your support network. Discuss who is currently supporting you and how. This includes family, friends, or any community services you use. It helps the planner see the whole picture of your support system.

Thanks, Emily, that makes sense. I hadn’t thought about including my current support network. Should I also discuss the kind of support I feel I’m missing?

Absolutely, if there are areas where you feel additional support is needed, bring them up. It could be anything from needing help with household tasks to requiring specialized therapies. The more information you provide, the better tailored your plan will be.

Good to finally see you on the next leg of your ndis journey SunnySide. Definitely a time consuming journey in the beginning (or for anything, at any time, ndis related really haha).

As always, you’re getting some great advice here.

Remember, the planning meeting is a collaborative process. It’s as much about understanding your current situation as it is about planning for the future. Feel free to express any concerns or aspirations you have. Best of luck, and let us know how it goes!