Public Transport with NDIS Support

Hey everyone, Aaron here… kinda feeling awkward asking, but does anyone have tips on getting better with public transport? I’ve got this NDIS thing to help me get out more, but buses and trains are just… I dunno, overwhelming? Anyone else managed to get better at this? Could use some advice.

It’s great you’re looking to use your NDIS support to gain more independence with travel. In addition to these excellent suggestions, consider speaking to your NDIS planner about including specific goals around travel and transport in your plan. They can provide resources and support tailored to your needs. Keep at it!

Have you tried using apps that show real-time transport info? They can help you plan your trips and know what to expect. Also, some areas have community transport services that might be less daunting than regular public transport. Might be worth looking into.

I totally understand the overwhelm with public transport. One thing that helped me was starting small – like short bus trips during off-peak hours to get comfortable. Also, there are NDIS supports like travel training to help you get more confident. Maybe check that out?

Public transport can be a bit much, I get it. A buddy or support worker accompanying you a few times might help ease you into it. Gradually, you might feel more at ease doing it solo. Just take it one step at a time, mate.