Seeking Advice on Balancing Formal and Informal Supports

Hey all. Trying to figure out the right balance between the help I get from the NDIS and what my family and friends provide. Don’t want to overburden them. How do you guys manage this mix?

Hi Sky! Balancing? Yeah, it’s kinda like a dance. I let the pros handle the big stuff, thanks to NDIS. My fam’s more about moral support and the odd favor. Just gotta keep everyone chatting.

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It’s all about setting boundaries for me. Emotional support? That’s family territory. Anything heavy duty, I leave to my NDIS supports. Wasn’t easy at first, but planning helps

Thanks for the ideas! So, setting boundaries… how’d you get started with that? Any specific tips

Initially, it’s a bit of trial and error. We had family meetings, kinda laid out everyone’s roles. Regular catch-ups help us stay on track.

Regular meetings, got it. But what if your family’s ideas clash with what you feel you need?

Yeah that can be tough haha. I’ve been there. Sometimes, having an outsider like a social worker in those meetings can give a new perspective and help iron out those clashes.

Everyone has shared some great insights here :slight_smile:

Remember, your NDIS plan should complement your existing support. It’s about finding what works for you. An NDIS coordinator can assist you in navigating these choices.

Really grateful for everyone’s input. The idea of involving a neutral party in discussions is new to me, but sounds like a wise step. Feeling better about tackling this.