Seeking Advice on Switching Support Coordinators

Hey everyone. I’ve been facing some challenges with my current Support Coordinator. While they’ve been helpful initially, I feel that my needs have evolved and they’re not able to offer the level of support I currently require. I’m considering switching to a new Support Coordinator who might be better aligned with my current goals. Has anyone gone through this process? How did you approach the situation, and what should I be mindful of when selecting a new Coordinator? Any advice or experiences would be incredibly helpful. Thanks in advance!

Hi Emily, I’ve been there. First thing, make a clear list of what you need now, something your current coordinator isn’t providing. For me, it was about having someone more proactive. Tell your current coordinator and planner directly but kindly that you’re looking for a change. When picking someone new, trust your gut feeling. You need someone who not only gets your plan but also gets you. Take your time finding this person.

Hey Emily, switching coordinators can feel like a big step, but it’s all about your needs. When I switched, I focused on a smooth handover. Like, I literally made a checklist of my plan details and what was missing. Meeting with both old and new coordinators together was super helpful. Give your new coordinator a clear picture of your expectations right from the start. And remember, it’s your right to have a coordinator who truly supports your journey.

All the best!