Share Your Favourite Weekend Activities

Hey all :blush:, just felt like a bit of social interaction. Hoping to lighten the mood a bit and get to know everyone a bit better.

I was thinking about how we all spend our weekends and thought it could be fun to share our favourite weekend activities.

Personally, I love spending a quiet Saturday morning with a good book and a cup of coffee (which I’m doing now, only I’ve ditched the book to have a chat to you guys). Sometimes I dabble in a bit of gardening. What about everyone here? What are your go-to weekend plans?


Hey Sky! Love this topic. My weekends are all about getting outdoors. Hiking, cycling, or just a walk in the park. Nature is my happy place.

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Nice one, Sky. I’m more of a ‘chill at home’ guy. Video games, movies, and sometimes experimenting with cooking. Last weekend I tried making sushi, turned out better than expected!

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Making sushi sounds fun! I’ve always wanted to try that. Do you have a go-to recipe or tips for beginners?

Hello everyone! Weekends are my creative escape. I do a bit of painting and sometimes craft work. It’s therapeutic and lets me express myself.

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Do you have a favourite thing or style you like to paint or a craft project you’re particularly proud of? I’ve never been much of an artist so don’t know the specific terms haha.

I like to catch up with friends and family. Whether it’s a barbecue or just coffee, I love the quality time. Also, I volunteer at a local shelter when I can.

Quality time with loved ones is always special. Volunteering sounds wonderful too. What kind of shelter is it? Animal, homeless?

From time to time I’ve been allowed to help out at the RSPCA shelter. I love it. I love animals and it breaks my heart to see so many homeless. So many people buy animals from breeders and then get rid of them when they aren’t puppies or kittens anymore. I wish I could adopt them all :frowning: :sob:

Aww, I love animals too. I’ve never volunteered at an animal shelter before though. That’d be awesome… and sad to see.

You sound like a really caring person.

Sorry for the late reply Sky, I don’t know how I missed this!!

Haha, I’m definitely not the kind of person to be asking sushi tips from… There are a million and one sushi making tutorials on youtube though. You should check it out, give it a crack and post the pics of your sushi when you’re done.

I’m sure you’ll do a much better job than me :wink: