Tips for Managing NDIS Paperwork?

Does anyone have tips for keeping up with NDIS paperwork? I get kinda lost with all the forms and stuff. I’m thinking, maybe there’s a fun, comic-style way to organize it? Not sure. Just looking for ideas to make this easier…

I get it, paperwork can be overwhelming. Have you tried using visual aids? Like, creating a comic strip or storyboard to map out your NDIS tasks? It could be a fun way to keep track of what you need to do and when.

Maybe consider a simple filing system or a planner app? Something straightforward where you can jot down deadlines and keep forms sorted. If you like visuals, there are apps that let you customise with themes, maybe even comic-themed ones.

What about breaking down tasks into smaller, comic-style panels? Like one panel for each form or task, with visuals to show what’s done and what’s not. It might help to see your progress in a creative way.

Aaron :slight_smile:

Great to see you finding unique ways to manage NDIS paperwork. Remember, you can also seek support from your plan manager or coordinator to help with the paperwork. Keep finding ways that work for you!