Troubles with Plan Management Budget

I’m in a bit of a bind with my current plan management. It looks like the whole budget for plan management, about $1650, has been used up already and our new plan just started a month ago. Is it possible to switch plan managers in this situation? How does it work when the budget seems to be exhausted? Any advice or similar experiences?

This sounds unusual. Plan managers typically claim a setup fee and then monthly fees. If they’ve charged for the entire year already, that’s not correct. They should refund the unused portion. Definitely double-check this.

Have you confirmed if the funds have actually been spent or just allocated? Sometimes plan managers make a service booking for the total amount but only draw down monthly. Check the detailed financial statements on your myGov account to see the actual spending.

It’s odd for a plan manager to use the entire amount so quickly. They are usually limited to monthly fees. It might be worth investigating if this is a case of mistaken allocation rather than actual spending. Look into your NDIS portal for clarity.

RiverRiff, keep in mind that plan management funds are often directly managed by the NDIA, which means the available funding might not be visible to you. This could be why it seems like the funds are depleted. Plan managers can only bill a set amount each month plus a one-off setup fee. So, the plan management funding should last for the entire term of your plan.

I’d recommend calling the NDIS to confirm what’s been billed for plan management. If you suspect incorrect billing, you can lodge a payment inquiry.

Hey RiverRiff :slight_smile:

As others have suggested, it’s important to clarify whether these funds have actually been spent. If there’s been an overcharge, your plan manager is responsible for correcting it. About changing plan managers, you certainly can, but first, get a clear understanding of your current fund usage.

Thanks, everyone, for shedding light on this. It turns out I misunderstood the allocation of funds for actual usage. I’m relieved to know the funds are still there. I’ll be more careful and consider looking for a new plan manager. Appreciate all your help!