Unexpected Plan Review Meeting with Unknown Support Coordinator

Hi, RiverRiff_42 here with a concern. My relative was suddenly scheduled for a plan review with a support coordinator we’ve never heard of, and we didn’t request this change. How would a new coordinator get my relative’s details? This person isn’t on the registered provider list, which seems suspicious to me. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

Hi RiverRiff :slight_smile:

If your relative hasn’t signed any agreement with this new coordinator, they can’t officially act or get paid. It’s possible that this might be a mix-up with the NDIA themselves. Have you checked if they’re behind this new appointment?

Are you sure it’s not an NDIS planner or a Local Area Coordinator (LAC)? Typically, they are the ones who organize plan review meetings. It might not be a support coordinator at all but someone assigned by the NDIS for the review process.

Hey RiverRiff_42, KyleGrant8 here. I agree with Michael7. It sounds like it could be a new LAC assigned for the plan review. They often handle plan reviews and report back to the NDIS. I’d suggest calling the contact number provided and confirming. Also, check your current plan document, it should list the organisation and name of the assigned LAC.

While LACs do collect information for planners, it’s unusual for a new person to be involved without prior notice. If your current LAC is also surprised, then it’s definitely worth investigating further. Best to contact the NDIA directly for clarification.

We’ll double-check with the NDIA and confirm who this new person is. It’s a relief to have your input on this - was really worried it might be something dodgy.